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Novenove - iSUP 10'6 Elite

Uppblåsbar Allround-SUP för alla situationer - nybörjare, fånga vågor, cruisa på sjön eller bara ren fitnessträning.

9 990,00 kr

Artikelnummer: 2701
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The iSUP 10’6” ELITE is the board for every condition on any given day. Whether it be your first lesson, catching a wave, cruising on the lake, going on an adventure or simply just pure fitness, the ease of travel and exploration will become a daily habit.

It is the perfect family board and a great way to enjoy paddling during your holidays or daily travels.

The 10’6” has an innovative inflatable paddling platform featuring extra volume and width for increased stability with a convenient bungee system for transport. She will get you anywhere you want to go!

iSUP ELite 10’6”19410’6”(320cm) x 32” ( 81cm )4 3/4” (12cm)US Box + 2 integrated finsmin 15 / max 22